Are you one of those people who work hard for hours without anything to show for in the end? It is usually a sign that the dynamic business world demands are taking a toll on your productivity. No matter how hard you try to keep up, you often end up feeling overwhelmed. As a result, your to-do lists nowadays are never-ending.

It gets even worse when your friends and family start asking why you are working so much. The reality is, a high-demanding environment of the business world often presses us to make critical decisions. To be ready to make them at the right moment, you need to spend less time and energy on trivial tasks.

If you found yourself in the above paragraph, and you’re still not sure how to clear your to-do list, this blog post might be the thing you need.

The art of delegation

Stop and think about your day-to-day duties and activities for a moment. How much time do you spend on trivial tasks and small things that “someone has to do”?  We all know how time-consuming those repetitive tasks can get. If you’re the one doing them, you already know how easy it is to fall down that rabbit hole.

There’s a good chance that sneaky trivial tasks are keeping you from getting things done. Although they don’t seem so time-consuming at first glance, they still take out a good part of your day. Instead of wasting time on small tasks, why not focus on core business activities?

Focusing on an empty inbox over more important activities is a waste of your time and resources. It means you’re prioritizing trivial over crucial. That’s where the art of delegation comes in. It’s not just about how to delegate; it’s important to know what to delegate.

The art of delegation is a skill that requires some practice, and we’re here to help you polish it up. The first step in doing it is to recognize the tasks you can delegate to your assistant.

What to delegate?

Remember, delegation is a key to freedom. How to set yourself free? Improve your organizational and time management skills by delegating the following time-wasters:

Unnecessary emails, notes, calendar

If you can’t even read all the emails you get daily, that should probably be the first thing to delegate. It’s an unnecessary distraction that ends up costing time. And time, in your case, is of the essence.

Unfinished tasks also cause a lot of distress. Why not get rid of them by delegating your emails, calendar management, and to-do lists? It sounds like a win-win scenario to us! You let a dedicated professional do their job while you focus on what matters in the meantime.

Social media accounts

Social media platforms simplified everything there is to simplify. From shopping to creating your brand awareness. Nowadays, digital presence is a business standard that’s known to bring in results. It would be such a waste not to use it in the right way. But, doing it right takes more time and knowledge than it might seem at first glance.

Lacking time or experience in creating and building a winning social media strategy? Don’t miss out on opportunities because of it; delegate them instead! Having an expert in charge of your social media guarantees to bring you the results you need. Not to mention, it will allow you to invest that same amount of time elsewhere. Somewhere you’re probably needed more.

Back-office activities

Running a company by definition comes with too much on your plate. Being burdened with back-office and administrative tasks doesn’t have to be a part of it. Handling too many things at the same time might affect your core projects in a bad way or jeopardize the future of your business in the long run.

This is where your delegation skills will come in handy. Even if you’re very good at everything you do, going solo won’t get you very far, no matter how talented and versatile you are. Juggling too many things at once is not a strategy; it’s a ticking time bomb that many people are dealing with. Some of them due to unpolished delegating skills, and some due to having no one to delegate to.

Both of those things are not as hard to fix as it seems. If there is no one you can delegate to within your company, it’s time you learn about the power of outsourcing. Click here to learn more about how outsourcing can easily help you overcome staffing issues.

If, after that, you decide to hire an experienced professional that has your back, we still got you covered. Check out our services and schedule a meeting with our team.

Do you already have someone eager to make your life easier? Wait no longer. Delegate your productivity killers to them and watch how your valuable time turns into money.