Excellence Through Expertise, Beyond Borders

Assisto is a dynamic Swiss-American company that embodies the future of professional services. Our global team relies on the power of remote collaboration to deliver exceptional results for clients around the world.

Shared Vision Across Continents

While we may not always gather around a ping-pong table or skateboard to our work together, our shared vision transcends boundaries. Our culture isn’t based on shared spaces but on shared goals and values. Although we like to meet in person from time to time, we’re about more: teamwork, innovation, and exceptional talent.
About us

From Virtual Assistance to Business Strategy

When Assisto was founded, we had a vision of an assistance service provider with a diverse virtual team. However, as we deepened our understanding of business leadership, we realized that it takes more than just an assistant — it takes a global village.

So our real goal crystallized: to drive business growth through our hard-earned experience and expertise. We began to apply the same successful strategies to our clients, expanding our offerings to more industries.

Today, we offer comprehensive solutions that help businesses succeed. If you want to know how we can contribute to your success, get in touch with our experts.


People Love to Work With Us

“The time I save with Assist-o’s services is phenomenal, and in our fast-paced industry, that’s absolutely priceless. Their professionalism and efficiency are truly remarkable. They’ve become an integral part of our success story.”

“Assist-o has been a game-changer for my startup. Their ability to manage projects and handle crucial tasks has allowed my team to stay laser-focused on our strategic objectives. The personalized approach and commitment to excellence are unmatched. I’m truly grateful for this amazing partnership!”

“Assist-o is helping me offload tasks so I can focus on my core strengths. So glad Alex reached out through the Harvard network to connect at just the right time!”

New York Times Bestselling Author
Bay Area, California

“The potential for time savings is enormous and, given how rare time as a resource is, extremely valuable. On top of that, the service is excellent, very professional, and is able to do wonders.”

Management Consultant
Zürich, Switzerland

“Adding Assist-o to our company has elevated our efficiency. Their professionalism and flexibility align with our high standards, consistently surpassing expectations and contributing significantly to our success.”

“Assist-o has allowed me to delegate operational details, giving me more time to focus on innovation and growth. Their timing was perfect; it felt like they knew exactly when I needed them!”

“Adding Assist-o to our team has made a significant difference. They work smoothly with our operations, making things run better. Assist-o’s professional approach and flexible services fit well with the high standards of our company. They’re a reliable partner, always doing better than expected and playing a big part in our success.”


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