What is Assist-o?

Assist-o is a personal assistant service that will help You with organizing your life, becoming more efficient and professionalizing your appearance. The goal is to simplify Your daily life, remove tasks that kill Your productivity and take over parts that allow You to get even more done.

Assist-o is about the personal in Personal Assistant.

We take it to the next level. Our aim is not to compete with a credit card concierge, but a real secretary. In many aspects, we might be even better, because Assist-o is always with You in Your pocket – ready to help.

But, there is more to Assist-o. While You always communicate with your Assistant, Your Assistant is not limited to just her – or himself, but has a wide repertoire of resources at disposal. Our team consists of designers, web developers and other creatives for handling tasks like PR, social media, photo editing or even CV improvement. We are dedicated to take Your work to the next level.

You may think that You don’t need an Assistant. However, it is just not possible to have what we offer without actually hiring a person full-time.

Our Assistants – thus, Your Assistant – are university educated with different backgrounds, for example, in linguistics, law, or even science.

During our on-boarding process, You will be able to indicate preferences for the field of study of Your assistant. We want You to have a person that You can relate to – someone with similar habits, like being an early riser or a night owl, and a background that will be more suitable to Your daily tasks.

All together, Assist-o is your perfect companion that You have always been looking for and is now available to You at a very attractive price.

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