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We are a Swiss-based company with offices next to EPFL Innovation Park in Lausanne, at Harvard Square in Cambridge, MA, and in Zagreb, Croatia. We provide high-quality assistant services to businesses and individuals worldwide. Our main goal is to help our clients optimize their business results and personal life, allowing them to spend more time doing what they love.

Meet the people behind Assist-o

founder Alexander Sanchez

Sanchez de la Cerda

Founder & Director

Alexander is a fellow at Harvard University researching quantum networks. Before moving to Cambridge, he studied Computer Science at EPFL, focusing on machine learning and quantum computing. His primary focus at Assist-o is developing strategies and finding creative solutions in technological, legal, and financial matters, allowing him to bring his passion for business and entrepreneurship to life.

co-founder Samuel Bosch


Founder & Director 

Samuel is currently completing his PhD at MIT and Harvard, specializing in AI algorithms for quantum computers. He was born in Germany but spent most of his life living in different countries worldwide, including Croatia. At Assist-o, he focuses on executing strategies and managing people, while successfully pursuing his two interests: helping people reach their full potential and running a successful business.

Managing Partner Matthias Warlop


Managing Partner

Matthias has 15 years of professional experience. He managed teams of up to 40 engineers at the worldwide Consultancy leader ALTRAN. In 2014, he started the engineering company TMC in Belgium. As a Director, he was responsible for the impressive growth from 0 to 200 ‘employeneurs’ in just six years. He is currently on the board of multiple strategy & tech companies. At Assist-o, he is a managing partner and focuses on sales & recruiting.

Head of Operations Daniel Tutić


Head of Operations

Daniel joined Assist-o during its development stage. His previous experience with Uber, and launching Bolt in Croatia proved to be a great addition to the existing team. He has a strong background in business, following a Master’s degree at the University of Zagreb. From startups to the event industry, his wide range of responsibilities covers everything from budgeting to strategy and business growth.

Ana Batarelo

Ana Batarelo


Ana makes sure projects are delivered on time and that they remain aligned with the strategies and goals of the company. She is responsible for planning, overseeing, and leading various projects through to completion.

head of legal Tomislav Đapić

Tomislav Đapić


Tomislav’s legal research provides the answers to all the legal and administrative questions after an in-depth problem analysis. His efforts give solutions to both our clients and us and ensure minimal legal exposure and liability.

Kaja Pavlinić

Kaja Pavlinić


Kaja works on everything technology-related, starting from this website to our newsletters. With the help of organizational tools, she optimizes the processes and resolves difficulties to ensure smooth day-to-day operations.

Marketing Nina Matejčić

Nina Matejčić


Nina is our go-to person for all things associated with marketing. She takes care of everything outbound and advertising related, from details and technical aspects of marketing campaigns to social media solutions.

Who we are

We are web developers, copywriters, marketing experts, researchers, anthropologists, lawyers, writers, translators, hikers, photographers, travelers, parents, sales experts, students, quality controllers, animal lovers, graphic designers, food technologists, content creators, psychologists, volunteers, teachers, jewelry makers, event organizers, IT experts, office assistants, project coordinators and so much more. 

Our diverse backgrounds, locations, personal interests, and areas of expertise make this unique team a perfect solution for nearly any organization.

Our story

In 2019, Alexander Sanchez de la Cerda and Samuel Bosch felt first hand what it was like to balance personal life, education, jobs, side projects, and hobbies and simply not having enough hours in the day. They made the only logical decision at the time – they sought help. Soon enough, they realized they needed more than just someone completing routine tasks: they wanted more availability, more responsiveness, and more expertise. Their personal experience resulted in the idea of Assist-o, a smarter way to grow your business and fulfill your personal life. 

The concept was simple: having an assistant connected to a virtual back office, a diverse group of people capable of handling a full range of different tasks with very specialized sets of skills.  

As the idea grew, our society was affected by the unseen health crisis due to the COVID-19 pandemic. What was supposed to be a simple business project quickly turned into a way of fighting the negative economic consequences of the coronavirus situation: many hard-working, talented young people sought employment due to losing their jobs during the pandemic. Connecting them to the companies who desperately needed an adjustment of the workforce and costs resulted in a perfect example of a modern and innovative company that creates a positive impact through a network of capable and productive people from all over the world.

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