Digital Marketing Trends: How The Digital Age Is Changing Marketing Strategies

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April 25, 2023


Digital marketing drives change for businesses. As it drives change, it also changes its face every day. Still, some patterns and trends have caught our eye as the landscape continues to expand.

In this blog post, we present the top 5 digital marketing trends that will shape digital marketing in 2023. These include the use of artificial intelligence in marketing strategies, the growing importance of voice search, the increasing need for personalized content, and the unstoppable popularity of video, including in B2B:

1. Increased use of artificial intelligence (AI)
2. Voice search optimization
3. Personalization is becoming even more personal
4. Video content continues to grow
5. The evolution of SEO

1. Increased use of artificial intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence is already integrated into nearly every aspect of digital marketing, and this trend won’t only continue in 2023 but expand dramatically. AI identifies patterns and insights that are difficult for the human eye to see, making marketing more innovative, effective, and accurate. It can also automate tasks such as social media and email marketing planning.

In 2023, we expect to see even more sophisticated AI-powered tools that can take on more complex tasks, such as natural language processing and chatbots. The key to AI isn’t to be afraid, but to observe everything it offers and consider how it can act as an aid to your daily activities.

2. Voice search optimization

By 2021, 20% of internet searches were voice-based, and the percentage continues to rise. The rise of smart speakers and virtual assistants like Siri, Alexa, Cortana, and Google’s digital assistant has made voice search more popular and changed how search marketers optimize websites for specific keywords and search queries.

As we move into 2023, marketers need to ensure that their content is optimized for voice search so that these devices can easily find it. This requires a different approach than traditional SEO methods, as voice search queries are more natural, conversational, and longer than their text-based counterparts.


3. Personalization is becoming more personal

Consumers are demanding more personalized experiences from brands, and in 2023, this trend is likely to intensify. To meet this, marketers will need to use data to create tailored messaging and content that speaks directly to each customer, whether it’s a product, email, app, or service.

Personalization can be achieved through various strategies, including personalized email campaigns, dynamic website content, and product recommendations based on past purchase behavior. However, the foundation for this is AI-powered deep learning and machine learning, which enables the rapid processing of large amounts of data.

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4. Video content keeps growing

This may not come as a big surprise. Video is already a prevalent format for digital content, and this trend will continue in 2023. As a result, marketers must focus on creating high-quality, engaging video content that appeals to their target audience – from product demos and explainer videos to vlogs and live streams.

Short videos are the format that deserves special attention. TikTok’s meteoric rise in popularity and usage has made all the difference. So much so that others followed suit – Instagram (and Facebook) followed with Reels, YouTube with Shorts, and even Twitter followed with Fleets (but soon gave up).

On TikTok, in particular, brands creating short video content have already gained the upper hand over their competitors. It’s a challenging and rewarding format for the brands that put in the effort.

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5. The evolution of SEO

SEO is constantly evolving, and in 2023 we can already see another shift towards a focus on user experience and intent. This means that marketers need to create content that answers the questions and needs of their target audience, rather than just focusing on keyword optimization.

In other words, the days of keyword stuffing are over. With the help of AI algorithms, it’s now much easier to determine if the content was created by a human or by a content-regurgitating SEO splurting out old stuff with even more keywords and a lack of critical thinking. That’s why the essential tip to win the SEO rat race is to provide valuable answers.

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The digital marketing landscape is changing dramatically in 2023, with marketers who need to keep pace with these trends to remain competitive and reach their target audiences. The increased use of AI, voice search optimization, the growing demand for personalization, the infusion of video into all areas of our media consumption, and the changing nature of SEO are just a few.

To stay ahead, digital marketers must embrace these and many other changes and find new ways to create personalized customer experiences. They must leverage data and technology to optimize their strategies, create compelling content, and build strong relationships with their audiences. And it’s not about following trends just to stay afloat — it’s about having the constant need for change that keeps companies curious and motivates them to reinvent themselves year after year.

At Assist-o, we strive to stay ahead of the curve and provide our clients with innovative strategies that drive results. If you’d like to learn more about these trends or how we can help you incorporate them into your marketing plan, contact us today for a free consultation and let’s get started.

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