Frequently Asked Questions

We believe in complete transparency of the services we offer. If You cannot find an answer to your question below, please contact us and we will make sure all relevant information is available.

Does Assist-o use real humans as Assistants?2020-05-22T08:24:34+00:00

Yes! All of our Assistants are 100% real humans :) We believe that this is the only way to offer high-quality service. You will have one primary Assistant to work with, and he/she will get to know You really well and will be able to offer Assistance far superior to any AI-based technology like Siri or Alexa.


How much of the money I pay gets paid out to my Assistant? Do Assist-O Assistants receive fair wages?2020-05-22T08:24:52+00:00

All our Assistants enjoy fair salaries and excellent working conditions. We started this company as a way to fight the high youth unemployment in Europe caused by the COVID-19 crisis. We believe that the best and most sustainable way of fighting unemployment, exploitation of workers, and low salaries is by creating new jobs! As all of us have sufficient income from our primary jobs, we don’t plan on making a profit from this company in its early stages. Instead, we will use the money exclusively to pay our Assistants, designers & developers, as well as invest in improving the services we can offer to You.

How will I communicate with my Assistant? Will I ever meet him/her in person?2020-05-22T08:25:08+00:00

You are free to communicate with Your Assistant through video calls, phone calls, chat, audio messages, text messages, or any other way You wish. If you purchase one of our plans which include a large number of hours, You can talk to Your Assistant, and we can organize a trip for him/her to come and visit You in person. This could be useful if You want to get to know him/her better. I (Samuel) also met my Assistant in person after working with her for three months.

What is the Branded Email feature?2020-05-22T08:25:19+00:00

Branded Email is a little addition that makes a huge difference. This feature allows Your dedicated Virtual Assistant to send and receive emails from Your own domain, instead of our @assist-o.com domain. For example, my (Samuel’s) personal Assistant uses assistant@samuel-bos*h.com. This adds a level of professionalism and gives the appearance that Your Assistant is in-house when desired. We are happy to set this up for You. Depending on Your domain carrier, a small fee may be required to create a new email address.

Will my Assistant be working on the weekend and holidays?2020-05-22T08:25:43+00:00

Our Assistants have very flexible working hours. Some of them are happy to work on weekends, some not. If you need Your Assistant to be available in the evenings or on weekends, let us know and we will match You with the right person. I (Samuel) always work on Saturdays and Sundays, so I hired an Assistant who does the same. Please keep in mind that the well-being of our employees is our highest priority, so we won’t allow our clients to “force” assistants to work at unreasonable hours.

If You have one of our higher plans, then, in addition to Your primary Assistant, You will have a secondary (or even more) Assistant at Your disposal. Therefore, You will be able to have almost 24/7 access to an Assistant for urgent tasks, while the less urgent tasks can still be handled by the person who knows You the best.

Can my Assistant handle scheduling?2020-05-22T08:25:53+00:00

Absolutely! Your Assistant can coordinate meetings, schedule appointments, and manage Your calendar with ease. We can support Google Calendar, Outlook, iCal, and others. Simply share and grant Your Virtual Assistant access to manage your calendar. It is that simple!

Can my Assistant make purchases on my behalf? Can my Assistant make international payments?2020-05-22T08:26:14+00:00

Yes! Your Assistant can place orders, make purchases, and schedule payments safely and securely. Our Assistants all have bank accounts in the EU, UK, US & Australia and can use them to send and receive money on Your behalf. To share credit card information, passwords, and other sensitive data, simply have Your Assistant collect Your information over the phone. This way, we can ensure Your information remains safe. I (Samuel) even issued my personal Assistant a credit card linked to my bank account, but I can understand that such a level of trust isn’t there from day one :)

Can my Assistant make phone calls for me?2020-05-22T08:26:25+00:00

They sure can! Your Virtual Assistant is happy to contact vendors, make reservations, and place other phone calls for You.

Can my Virtual Assistant keep my inbox organized?2020-05-22T08:22:11+00:00

They can! Your Virtual Assistant can read, send, delete, organize, filter, and create rules for messages on Your behalf. It’s a great way to stay on top of email and keep Your inbox tidy.

Can my Virtual Assistant work with my project management tools or other specialized software?2020-05-22T08:22:48+00:00

Yes, with some limitations. We do not train our Assistants in specialized software which You may be using. Nevertheless, Your assistant will do his/her best to acquire new skills and help You with whatever you need. Please note that we are unable to provide support for any software requiring local desktop download.

Can my Virtual Assistant help with my accounting needs?2020-05-22T08:23:12+00:00

He/She can help You with simple tasks which require common knowledge and Microsoft Excel skills, but keep in mind our Assistants are not professionally trained accountants. We are planning on hiring professional accountants in the future, so stay tuned!

Can my Assistant do graphic, media or interior design work for me?2020-05-22T08:23:26+00:00

Yes! While our Assistants may not be professional graphic designers, we hired real designers who can work with Your assistants to blow your mind. For more information, have a look at our other company’s website: https://cresignzone.com/en/service

Can my Assistant create and maintain websites and apps for me?2020-05-22T08:23:46+00:00

Yes! While most of our assistants are not professional web or software developers, we hired real pros who can work with Your assistant to produce results far above Your expectations! For more information, have a look at our other company’s website: https://cresignzone.com/en/service

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