Are you considering getting a virtual graphic designer to join your existing team? Maybe you have a project you would like to outsource or want to make a first step in branding your business? Whatever the case may be, if you found yourself looking for a remote graphic assistant, this article may be right up your alley.

You need to understand that working with a remote graphic design assistant is practical and time-saving but can get complicated if the right strategies aren’t applied. 

So how do you prepare? For starters, by knowing a  few key factors that will help you define the strategy of working with a graphic design assistant and optimize productivity and effectiveness.

So, without further ado, here are a few essential details that should be considered when it comes to delivering results.

Understand how remote work works

While doing what they do best, experienced graphic design assistants take communication very seriously. They care about delivering results, so it is crucial to define the role they’ll have in meeting your expectations. 

In other words, they will need small briefing sessions where the overall strategy is concisely discussed to understand what you need them to do and how much time it will take to do it. This also means you’ll need to adapt to occasional communication through channels like Zoom or Google Meet, through which virtual graphic designers can clearly understand what your goals are.

Despite seeming less attractive than in-person briefing sessions, virtual ones are way more effective when done correctly, which brings us to the next point.

Share your vision clearly

Adapting to remote work and setting up virtual meetings is the easiest part. The more challenging part, however, is sharing your vision with your virtual graphic design assistant. 

Ensure that the talk mainly revolves around what you expect them to accomplish and try to avoid industry terminology as much as you can.

The key here is to be brief, but informative. Explain what your overall goal is, but don’t go into too much detail, as this can easily overwhelm the designer and slow down the process significantly.

Be open to questions and suggestions

Even when your strategy is planned out to the smallest detail, a quality suggestion can drastically improve it. After you present your vision to your graphic design assistant, make sure you ask for any questions or suggestions they might have. 

Experienced virtual graphic designers usually have many suggestions from their on-hand experience, which is why their notes are always worth the time. Listen to what they have to say and see if it checks out with your business goals, costs, etc.

That said, they can sometimes get overwhelmed by the extent and specificity of the project (no matter how professional they are), so it’s natural that they might ask for clarification from time to time.

Be patient and considerate

Every graphic designer aims to deliver authentic and unique visuals aligned with your brand image and business goals. However, if the process is taking a bit longer than you expected, there’s probably a reasonable explanation behind it. 

In that case, try to stay patient without making any assumptions. Check if there’s a particular challenge they might be struggling with or if there’s something you can do to help finalize the project faster.

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