Remote Talent Sourcing & How Assisto Does It

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January 3, 2024


We wrote many times about how remote work has turned the business world upside down. And we’re going to write about it again. But this time, you are getting a direct view of what’s going on behind the Assisto’s curtain. Keep reading and learn how we identify, onboard, and manage remote talent to provide our partners with a skilled and educated workforce they can rely on for their company’s success.

How We Work Has Changed

The way we work is changing dramatically, with more and more companies allowing their employees to work from anywhere, not just from an office. This big change, we call the shift to remote work, is proven to be more than just another short-lived trend. 

Instead, it turned out to be a complete change in how companies run their business. Now, they can find talented people from all over the world, not just near their offices. This means a company in the US, for example, can have team members from places like India, Brazil, or Spain.

But with these new opportunities come new challenges. Finding the right people in this huge global talent pool is tricky. Companies need to figure out new ways to find, interview, and choose the best candidates for their remote teams. 

Plus, once they hire these people, they face the challenge of bringing everyone together as a team, even though they might be in different time zones and have different cultures. This requires new tools and methods to make sure everyone works well together and feels connected, even if they’ve never met in person.
So, while remote work opens us up to exciting new possibilities for finding amazing talent and growing businesses, it also makes it very important for companies to learn new skills and use new technologies to manage their teams effectively. As an answer to that, Assisto was made.


Assisto & Bridging The Gap in Remote Talent Sourcing

Early on, leaders at Assisto recognized that without finding efficient ways to find and integrate remote workers into the team would turn remote work into a remote disaster. For years, teams of experts worked on designing a model to make this process as smooth as possible for any company, no matter its size or industry.

What other companies were doing – providing lists with tons of unvetted and unchecked names who claimed they could do their job – was a recipe for a catastrophe. Remote work is awesome and all that, but companies still require reliability. Which this then-new model was failing to provide.

So we decided to make the workers we provide to our partners a part of Assisto. The idea was to provide training, support, and anything else that a worker might need to become an integral part of the company they are working for.

And with that approach, we are now able to provide complete support in areas like administration, business operations, and marketing. This means we can help with everything from organizing schedules and managing emails to designing marketing campaigns and supporting sales teams.

Our ultimate goal was to make sure that the remote workers they find for a company can start contributing to the business right away, without any hiccups or delays. And we proudly say we succeeded at that.

Assisto’s Approach to Talent Identification

We use a mix of high-tech tools and a deep knowledge of different industries to find just the right people. It took us some out-of-the-box thinking (and many dead ends) to find a reliable way to find people who are a perfect fit for our partners.

And don’t get it wrong, we’re not talking about someone who knows how to do the job. Success requires more than that. Team chemistry is 50% of every success, and we follow that mantra religiously.

We look at a person’s skills, work style, and personality equally. This way, we find people who don’t just work for a company but become a real part of it.

We understand that different industries need different kinds of people. Someone who’d be great in a tech startup might not be the best fit for a traditional law firm. That’s why we use the knowledge and experience of these worlds to find people who will surely fit into these specific environments.

Assisto Makes Talent Onboarding Seamless

After we find the perfect match, we focus on making the new employee’s start in your company as smooth and easy as possible

Here’s our system.

First, we handle all the basic stuff that needs to be done when someone starts a new job. This includes paperwork, setting up email and other accounts, and explaining how things work in your company. All in order to make the initial onboarding as seamless as possible.

The next step is ensuring that communication flows freely. We do this through online meetings or chats. We also help set up a schedule that works for everyone, especially if the team is spread out over different time zones.

Then we help the new person understand your company’s culture. We help them learn about how you do things, how you communicate in-house, how decisions are made, and what you value most. This helps the new employee feel more comfortable and confident in their new role.

Once basics are covered, and that new person is onboarded, we do the unimaginable: 

We actually care how our person is doing in your company.

We are meticulous about checking in with the new employee to make sure everything is going well. Even if we know everything is going well, we keep bugging and asking and offering help and support.

We’re always there to answer questions, solve any problems, and make sure the new person is settling in well. This ongoing support makes sure that the new person doesn’t just start well but continues to do well in their new job.

All of this careful attention is precisely why the new employee can start contributing to the team quickly and effectively. It also means less stress and confusion for everyone, which makes the whole experience better from day one.


Service That Goes Over And Beyond Talent Sourcing

This new approach has opened up new doors and pathways we never dreamed about when we first started out. What started as an idea of a better recruiting model turned into full support with every aspect of running a business. In other words, this model allows us to answer to many needs a business might have, not just a high-quality workforce.

Here are some of the key areas where we can help our partners excel and prosper.


People make products, but it’s the marketing that sells them. We understand that, and we offer specialized support in developing and executing marketing strategies. This includes services like branding, advertising, and identifying the best ways to reach target audiences, as well as creating messages that resonate.

Our marketing service extends to hands-on tasks like creating marketing materials. These include graphics for social media, blog content, creating and optimizing web content, SEO optimization, and virtually anything marketing.

From strategy to execution, Assisto has you covered.

Budgeting and Financial Management

One of the key areas where we help companies is budget and financial management. We can take on tasks like planning budgets, managing expenses, and preparing financial reports

This is very helpful for companies that might not have the time or expertise to handle these important financial details themselves.

Legal Assistance

Legal assistance is another big part of what Assisto has to offer. We help with understanding and following laws and regulations that affect businesses. This could include creating contracts, dealing with employment laws, or making sure the company follows all the legal rules for how it operates. 

This is important because legal issues can be complicated and making a mistake can cost you a lot.

Project Support

This is where we shine. We help plan and manage different projects, and make sure everything is on track and going smoothly. 

This might involve organizing schedules, keeping track of progress, and coordinating with different people who are working on the project. This helps businesses run their projects more efficiently and successfully.

Data Management

This is another important service that smaller companies who want to enter the big leagues often ignore. We help organize and manage all the information that needs to be tracked.
This could be customer data, sales information, or any other type of data that’s important for the business. We make sure this data is safe, organized, and easy to use, which is crucial in a world that’s slowly but surely becoming digital.

assisto assistance


Our model rests on one premise: companies should focus on the main parts of their business, like making products, providing services, and fulfilling the needs of their clients, while we do all the rest.

Working with us means having a whole team of experts in different areas, all working together to help your business do what it does best.

And our attention to detail, deep care for your business, and constant and ongoing support for the workers we provide – are why so many companies choose Assisto as their partner in business. And we would be honored to be yours as well.

Because you can do anything, but not everything.

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