10 Tips For Remote Work Setup

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September 7, 2023


As we are entering the era of the world economy, remote work is slowly but surely becoming the new norm. From meticulously selecting equipment to creating a productivity-inducing environment, in this blog, we lay out the 10 commandments for turning any remote workstation into an epicenter of efficiency. This read will help you adapt and excel in the remote work revolution, so keep reading.

How to Set Up an Efficient Home Office for Remote Work?

So, you’ve decided to embrace remote work. Congratulations, you’re part of the future. But to nail this, you need a home office setup that makes you forget about those days at a dull, life-sapping cubicle. It starts with a top-notch remote workstation that is efficient, ergonomic, and has a dash of personalized style. And we’re not forgetting about all the beneficial habits you should adopt to maximize personal happiness and bring balance between work and life.

Home Office Equipment

Powerful tech is non-negotiable. Grab a dual-monitor setup, an ergonomic chair that respects your spine, and noise-canceling headphones that shut the world out. You’ll also need a high-speed internet connection because buffering is the silent killer of remote work productivity. Once you have these fundamentals nailed down, this is what comes next.

10 Tips & Tricks to Increase Productivity While Working Remotely

1. Identify and Create Your Ideal Workspace

Zoning is key. Divide your home into ‘work zones’ and ‘no-work zones.’ Your remote office should be a place of laser focus, not a place where you eat, sleep, or binge-watch. Make it a sanctuary for your creative energy.

2. Get the Right Work From Home Equipment

It’s never about what you have, it’s about what you do with what you have. But high-quality equipment makes work a lot easier. Get a computer that won’t crash, a webcam that doesn’t make you look like a pixelated ghost, and a keyboard that respects your fingertips.

3. Choose the Right Lighting

Sick of squinting at your screen? A well-lit room can reduce eye strain and boost your mood. Fluorescent bulbs belong to the past. Go for adjustable LED lighting that mimics natural sunlight.

4. Maintain a Clutter-free Workspace

Some minds excel in the mess, and some require OCD-like tidiness. If you’re part of the former group, then skip to the next tip. If you’re the latter, every unnecessary item on your desk is a future distraction. Keep it minimal. A clutter-free workspace isn’t just pleasing to the eye, it benefits your productivity!

5. Pay Attention to Your Health

Why do we love remote work so much? Because it’s about you and your needs! Get that ergonomic chair, take those stretch breaks, and hydrate like your job depends on it—because, let’s face it, it does.

6. Stock Up on Office Supplies

Think ahead. Don’t let an empty stapler or an out-of-ink printer disrupt your workflow. Keep an arsenal of office supplies, so you’re always prepared for any task that lands on your desk.

7. Keep Plants

Forget the stale office air you’re used to. A couple of green plants not only freshen the air but also create a work environment that breathes life. Literally.

8. Keep Inspiration Close By

Mood boards, books, paintings, inspirational quotes, or even a photo of a dream vacation spot—whatever fuels your ambition, keep it in your eyesight.

9. Store Your Professional Work Documents Separately

Don’t let crucial files get lost in the chaos of personal stuff. Store all work-related documents in a dedicated folder or external hard drive. This is necessary security that will save you time, nerves, and cheek in the long run.

10. Keep Breaks Short and Sweet

WFH doesn’t mean extended coffee breaks. It’s easy to lose track of time when you’re your own supervisor. Set timers, use productivity apps, and keep breaks as they should be—short and revitalizing.

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Nailing your remote work setup is about adopting a lifestyle that suits YOU. An efficient, well-thought-out remote workstation will guarantee job satisfaction. 

Make every square inch of your workspace count. Every detail matters. Get this right, and you’ll be outperforming everyone still stuck in an office – and be happier while doing it!

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